Give Aways for 2017

Hi! If you got this link, it means that I am giving away few things, which include tangible stuff like some of the interesting eBooks I have and also some of audio and few interesting Links. I hope that you would like some of these!

eBook Give-aways (Please click on the following titles to download respective eBook)

Grounded in the revolutionary “positive psychology” movement, Ben-Shahar ingeniously combines scientific studies, scholarly research, self-help advice, and spiritual enlightenment. He weaves them together into a set of principles that you can apply to your daily life. Once you open your heart and mind to Happier ’s thoughts, you will feel more fulfilled, more connected . . . and, yes, HAPPIER.

An interesting workbook for setting goals in the New Year

In this captivating book, Kaplan talks about some simple mindfulness concepts, exercises and applications which are useful for day-to-day Urban lives 

An interesting workbook on gratitude, which works!

Audio Books and Meditation Music Give-aways (Please click on the titles to download Music/Audio Books)

An audio book which provides tools for happiness in as many simple ways as possible

Download two soothing tracks which would help you in your mindfulness practice

Delicious blend of indie rock and exotic instruments for self-adulation and indulgence 

Some of the best TED Talks of 2016

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video